Saturday, September 3, 2011

Starbolts #130: From Russia With Love

This comic is dedicated to all those who have a Public Relations job where they have to deal with random people. Or in this case four different alien species. Intergalactic diplomacy has never been so...weird. Or random. Everyone in this comic has appeared before. So, there aren't any new characters. Anya and Dimitri first appeared way back in #42ish. They were the Russian superspy team and are going to play a role in the coming storyline next week. The story's going to run to the end of the year, too. Well, I will break for Halloween and Christmas of course.

Still, I had a lot of fun writing this one and I'm pleased on how this turned out. Hehe. Dimitri's covered in green goop. At least he's got that minty fresh smell that women love, right?

I'm still going to work on various vids. In fact, I'm probably going to work on the next one as soon as I hit send. It'll just take some time to hit it. So, which funny bit in this week's comic is your favorite? We have the antics of the Setleth. Gotta love those. The whininess of Danar. Shrall needed to get him out of the palace. The return of Pal'idin! He's always a welcome character. And of course the Leonids.

Of course, I think they're all funny. It's best to have some quirks in these diplomatic settings. Or else it'd get dull REALLY fast.

In other news, I now have a Deviantart page. I know I don't draw much But, I decided to put some Starbolts characters I made in Champions Online up. I also will put up fan art, too. You can find the page here:

That just about does it for this week. Look for Anya and Dimitri to show up again soon. Wow. Look at 'em fight like an old married couple.

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