Saturday, December 9, 2017

Starbolts #372: Lights and Shadows


Whew! Looks like we're heading into a major confrontation with Zarantha next week! After that we'll have the annual Christmas comic. I decided to save the Darkhawk review for January because Christmas time is always busy for me here. I did read it, though. I loved it and I'll explain more in the video.

Back to this week's comic. I figured I'd have a romantic payoff with these two. It was a long time coming. But, it looks like Zarantha wants to ruin things. Of course. She has issues with Crystal and I'll explain why next time. For now she saw what an angry person Crystal was. That's how she got infected. Crystal has finally learned to let go of her past and now wants to go toward the future. Honestly, can you blame her? She has gone through a lot.

1. Final confrontation with her parents.
2. Finding out her adoptive brother was an alien and seeing him off on a journey of his own.
3. Zarantha poking around her brain.

She's finally at a place where she can be happy. She doesn't want to get philosophical. She wants to celebrate. I think she earned it. =)

See you all next time!

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