Saturday, October 24, 2015

Starbolts #287: The Hero King


This week, Shrall takes center stage as he does what he has to do to save his people from Kyodon. This comic took some time to make because I had running civilians to make and I had a bit of an issue with the panel where Shrall saves the tadling. What happened originally was that Shrall kneeled down and grabbed the kid. It'd have made more sense, I thought, that if he were to grab him and keep on running.

Makes sense to me. Still, Shrall saved Jaro's goose from being cooked. Will he help the 'Bolts stop this creature? He'd better. We'll find out soon. Next Saturday is going to be a special Halloween edition of Starbolts. It'll be a nice spooky tale. It will be in continuity with what's going on in the Starbolts universe and tie into a future story that will come after this one is wrapped up.

In other news, I have finished my About me/FAQ section. Check it out here:

Thanks go out to some people who submitted those questions for me. They were fun to answer!

Take care and I'll see you soon with a spooky tale!

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