Saturday, August 1, 2015

Starbolts #278: Keen Observations


Well, uh...Gee-Nome has definitely led Marcus on a chase all day didn't she? They aren't going to become a couple or anything. No need for EVERYONE to get involved with someone. I figure Gee-Nome is from a planet where affection is an alien concept. I'll explore why that is when Marcus talks to her next week. Whooboy does he have a LOT to go over. I'll try to not make it sound like an afterschool special. That's something I really, really want to avoid.

I feel for the guy, I do. But, I have to admit the scene with Garazo was fun to write and running past Danar like that was just too funny to NOT do. Hahaha!

Oh and for the record, the jersey Marcus has on is a Boston Celtics jersey. I was going to have it be two zeroes after Robert Parish's number but only one zero fit. Ah well. Maybe I just needed to make the zeroes smaller.

Anyway, tune in next week for more hijinks on this crazy Aquan vacation. See ya next time!

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