Saturday, January 4, 2014

Starbolts #217: Awakening of the Dark Gods


This is the second "trailer" for the year's storyline. It's not so much a trailer but part one of Robkas finding and getting avatars of the three "dark" Gods of Aquarius. Of course, the dark ones played on Robkas's desire for Aquita to have him do his bidding. The guy just doesn't give up does he? And that poor ice snake. Sigh...poor snakey deserved better, I think than to be killed by an obsessed guy like Robkas, right?

Still, we won't have long to wait before he picks three people to become avatars of the dark ones. On a design note, I tried to make this temple seem Legend of Zelda like. I've been playing Link between worlds and it's fun. Though, I don't think I'd want to go to THIS temple. Or any water temple for that matter.

Anyway, this week's comic shows Robkas at his worse. His delusion is gonna get the better of him, I think. I was originally going to have Cobra talk about Aquan mythology. But, I don't think he particularly cares as long as he gets three powerhouses on his side.

I think the Gods of War and Discord and the Goddess of Death will be more than happy to help Cobra. But, will there be a price? There always is when Dark Gods are involved.

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