Saturday, January 25, 2014

My friend Justin "JewWario" Carmical

In the first few hours since I posted my latest comic, I received terrible news. My friend Justin"JewWario" Carmical had passed away Thursday whilst I was working on the comic. For those who don't know, Justin was always a big help to me and countless people on the Internet. He was a friend. He was a mentor. He was the kind of guy who always, always knew how to make you laugh even if you've had the worst day in your life.

The reason why this has impacted me so much is because I've known Justin for years now. In one of the first conversations I had with him, he gave me a sprite template that I use to this day. He wanted to make sure, first, that I was not offended. I laughed and said no. No, I wasn't. Again, that's just who Justin was. He's that friendly to everyone.

We talked on Skype and eventually he made a stream where various tgwtg fans would gather and just talk about things. He'd talk about himself and his vids. He even had other contributors on and we'd just discuss things. I never got a sense of ego from him or anything. He was always honest in his videos and in everything else he did. He just helped me and others a great deal. For that, I will always be grateful.

In fact, his positive nature actually inspired me to create my own video series. I try to be as positive as him in my own work. I told him this and he just smiled. I knew he was happy with that. He was a big mentor to me and so many other people. It's going to take time to get through all of this. Those who knew him have a long road ahead of them. I know I never got the chance to meet him in person. But, through the streams it felt like we did. He let all of us into his life.

Justin loved his fans. He loved everyone. I think it's important to remember that. He was a mentor to me. A friend to many. He was so positive and outgoing that I don't think he'd want us to be upset for long. He'd want us to continue on. I think that's what I am going to do.

I am going to continue doing what I do and though he may be gone to the great Nintendo game room in the sky, he can still inspire us to take our lives to great places and remember it would be what Justin would want.

That's what I think. That's how I feel.

RIP Justin "JewWario" Carmical.

Starbolts #220: Under the Sea

I tell you. When I was making this week's comic a few songs came into my head. Those were: The theme from Ecco the Dolphin and of course "Under the Sea." I couldn't decide which was better suited for this week's comic. You can make the call. Though, there are no Caribbean crabs here.  Nope. Not one.

What IS here are some strange alien animals. I guess I have an overactive imagination. Let's see. We have the little crab that squirted Robkas back in the early 100s of this comic, a four wings bird of some kind. A red fish. But, most awesome of all is the black creature. That is the same animal that adorns Manta's armor and is the crest of the royal family. Fun fact for ya. =)

The comic took a while to make because believe it or not, the flipping parts took a while.  I know it doesn't look like it did. But, yep. It sure did. I should also note that the first panel is a miniaturized and pixel version of the art my friend Freya did for me a while back. check it out here:

Overall, it was fun to do this comic. See ya next week. I've gotta get these songs out of my head.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Starbolts #219: Into the Darkness


Looks like the avatars of Death, Discord and War are ready to be baddies. This week, we also find out what Robkas's deal was. Or is all what it seems. For all we know, he could be a fourth dark God avatar. Then again, maybe not. It's best to keep him away from that mythos as the Praetorians have already made him their willing slave and all that.

Still, Aquita, Shrall and M'anta have got to watch out for these three, yes? Oh, my, Yes.

In other news, Peter Parker IS coming back this spring to Amazing Spider-Man. I'll be sure to review that when it comes out along with the new New Warriors title, Amazing X-Men and Nightcrawler #1. Amazing X-Men has been a fun ride and it's always good to see Nightcrawler again!

So, the spring is going to bring fantastic reviews. I am almost done getting my videos back on Youtube. It's a slow process. But, it is worth it in the end. Good things come to those who wait. In comic news, I plan on doing a Valentine's Day special near Valentine's Day. That should be fun to do. But, first we gotta deal with Robkas and his flunkies. =)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Starbolts #218: Avatar Hunt


Of all the times I could have made a OMD reference, I decided not to. Discretion in this case was the better form of valor since that horse has been beaten and sold to a meat packing plant. Anyway, Robkas did make a deal with the dark Gods. We'll see what that is soon enough. Obviously, he has kept his love for Aquita. There was no way he was going to give that up. Ever. Anyway, these three new baddies will be explored, too.

It also shouldn't be a surprise that everyone on Aquarius knows of Robkas. Even before he became cosmic powered, he was a member of a well-to-do Aquan family that was part of the royal court. That's how he met Aquita in the first place. Then he left and came back and caused all sorts of problems. The king definitely wants this guy's head.

In other news, I've recently put up videos up to my Thunderbolts #1 review up on my Youtube channel. You can see that here: . Tomorrow, I am putting up the Ultimate Spider-Man review once I edit that for Youtube. New episodes should begin in March...when a new Amazing Spider-Man is released!

Now that will be awesome! It remains to be seen, though, if it is Peter Parker that has returned. We shall see. Also, coming soon is a new volume of the New Warriors. So, I may take a look at that. We'll see. I'll probably read both. It should be fun, though. Time will tell what those stories will bring.

In the mean time, we've got January and February to go through. By then, I should have more backlog up on Youtube and more goodies in comic form.

See ya next week!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Starbolts #217: Awakening of the Dark Gods


This is the second "trailer" for the year's storyline. It's not so much a trailer but part one of Robkas finding and getting avatars of the three "dark" Gods of Aquarius. Of course, the dark ones played on Robkas's desire for Aquita to have him do his bidding. The guy just doesn't give up does he? And that poor ice snake. Sigh...poor snakey deserved better, I think than to be killed by an obsessed guy like Robkas, right?

Still, we won't have long to wait before he picks three people to become avatars of the dark ones. On a design note, I tried to make this temple seem Legend of Zelda like. I've been playing Link between worlds and it's fun. Though, I don't think I'd want to go to THIS temple. Or any water temple for that matter.

Anyway, this week's comic shows Robkas at his worse. His delusion is gonna get the better of him, I think. I was originally going to have Cobra talk about Aquan mythology. But, I don't think he particularly cares as long as he gets three powerhouses on his side.

I think the Gods of War and Discord and the Goddess of Death will be more than happy to help Cobra. But, will there be a price? There always is when Dark Gods are involved.