Saturday, December 28, 2013

Starbolts #216: Coming Attractions

Well, you didn't honestly expect to keep the Mosqukatara gone forever did you? Some back story is probably needed. Back in the early issues of this comic, the Starbolts and everyone else took on an insectoid race that had once enslaved the peaceful planet of Aquarius. They were defeated once and returned some years later to try again. This time, they tried to conquer Earth and Leonid IV while they attempted to reclaim Aquarius.

The plan failed and the new Alliance of planets went straight into the heart of Mosqukatara space and took out the bug homeworld, killing a lot of insects. Some survived and wandered the galaxy as nothing more than scavengers without a true Queen to direct them and guide them to victory. They decided enough was enough and proceeded to attack the world of the neutral aliens.

And the rest as they say is history. I was planning to bring the bugs back one day. But, I wanted to give them a new form. And trust me, they will get a new form. Who knows what new form a Mosqukatara/Neutralon hybrid will take. Let's just say the Alliance (Humans, Aquans, Leonids, Dovianni and Setleth) are going to have their hands full soon.

Next week, you can expect another trailer-like comic for another storyline I am working on. =) This is gonna be a rough year for everyone! See you next time!

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