Saturday, April 20, 2013

Starbolts #190: Preparations for War

Everyone who has ever hated the Starbolts is here and I mean EVERYONE! See that bug lady? That's a Mosqukatara unlike the ones we've seen in the comic before. I'll explain why she's like that later. We also have the Setleth crazy, Halconis, the Legion and the dark Aquan avatars! Sufficed to say, the coming comics are going to be action packed. However, the battle won't be a battle in the conventional sense. No, No. Demonstorm has something else in mind for Earth's mightiest heroes!  Heh. Take note at Valentine holding court. Those three guys are under her complete control. I'd have had ALL the men over there. But, someone has to watch the fight between War and Granite.

Some of the baddies got updated sprites like Cobra and Granite, by the way. They look a LOT better.  I've also changed how Demonsk looks on the outside. Red skies are cool. =) Anyway, the scene is set for an intense confrontation. A confrontation that will have to wait until after next week for I will be reviewing Superior Spider-Man #1. Oh, what fun that'll be!

See you next time!

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