Saturday, February 11, 2023

Starbolts #618: Big Badaboom



    Wow! Things have certainly escalated for our heroes haven't they? The Dastara mansion was unceremoniously demolished and it looks like Cobra has teamed up with none other than Elisabeth King, the former head of Terra Nova. Yeah. I'd say the Starbolts definitely have their hands full in this story arc. Jack and Crystal already have an axe to grind with Snake. Can you imagine how they're going to react when they find out Elisabeth was the one helping him? Oof. Heads are gonna roll for sure. 

    Andrea was definitely right to be angry with Elisabeth. That one lady made it her mission to deny her her children. We'll probably get to the reason why sooner or later. She's not the only one from Andrea's past who may make an appearance. I can't say any more. But, you can imagine that she won't be too happy to see that person again.

    Snake is definitely out for revenge here. This goes back to that quick conversation Scarlett had with Crystal a few comics ago. You can't let revenge consume you.  If you do, you'll end up never feeling satisfied. Crystal will take those words to heart. Meanwhile, I think Jack will probably up his game and become Iron Eagle a lot sooner thank expected. Will it happen? Well, his former best friend forced his hand. So, I would say....Yes.

    As far as the mansion goes, it'll be replaced and built back better than ever. They may need to make some adjustments to the old arc reactor. A few more security measures would be a good thing. Not to mention a fail-safe or two. Jenna did some quick thinking and saved her mother's armor while everyone else saved her father's armors. Look for some character drama next week. Let's hope our heroes can find their parents before it's too late!

   See ya next time!

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