Sunday, February 27, 2022

Starbolts #570: A Captive Audience




    Demonstorm does not know how to read the room does he? Well, since he is a tyrant and everything he doesn't adhere to societal norms like caring for peoples' feelings. He's ruthless and just flat out doesn't care about other people. He really does believe that killing the council before they actually DID anything was a good plan. There may be some debate about it of course. However, his strategy going forward was just plan wrong.

    Poor Tanis had the best reaction we could hope for. He's justifiably freaking out over his father's return. Will the two confront each other? Time will tell. Right now it looks like the Starbolts are trapped in a box and their fearless leader is in for the fight of his life. Will it be their final battle? That remains to be seen.

    Demonstorm and Manta clearly have different philosophies. Where one is kind and just, the other is cruel and malicious. Does he have a point? That's up for debate. Right now we're about to have a world class rumble! Stay tuned!

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