Saturday, August 7, 2021

Starbolts #543: Android Connections


    It took a little luck and ingenuity but Pegasus managed to reach his son. Looks like the Starbolts all have fathers who would win "good dad" awards. You could say that Pegasus learned from the greats and was just emulating them and you might be right about that. But, I'd like to think that Pegasus put his own spin on things. He presented Norad with a logic conundrum. How do you bond with an emotional being and still remain emotionless? That's a flaw in the nanobots logic.

    We're going to see how this all plays out next comic. I really like how the first bit with Sara and Holly turned out. Sara may not have been the best person to talk to about relationships and the like. I disagree. Perhaps her experience gives her a different look at how bonds are made. Her sister, Crystal, would have given her a similar answer as their backgrounds are remarkably similar. Holly has a lot to learn about what it means to be human and I think the Starbolts will help their new friend out.

     As far as Norad goes, he seems to be back on the right track. He's got a new albeit temporary coat of paint. His father arrived to save the day and now they have to deal with "The One". We'll see how this plays out next time!

See ya then!

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