Saturday, June 12, 2021

Starbolts #535: Into the Blue Again


    Well, it looks like Norad is in a pickle! Our android friend and Syntax have to deal with dying nanobots with nothing to lose. They used to be passive. What made them go aggro all of a sudden? We'll find out soon, I promise. It looks like the start of a new storyline featuring Norad and we will definitely delve into the origin of Syntax. I think you will find her to be a literal ghost in the machine!

    After Aquita's harrowing ordeal, it looks like it affected her more than she realized. A swim wasn't going to be enough to shake off the horror of seeing two black auras. She needed something more. She needed a reset to her brain. Thankfully, her husband was there and I don't think it takes a lot to figure out what they're doing by the pool.

    Aquita was swimming naked as she is comfortable with nudity. As Aquans swim a lot, they tend to not have the same view of nudity as some humans do. Sure they swim with clothes on. But, sometimes they like to swim naked as well. Also, if an Aquan woman were to show themselves as naked before a potential mate, that means they are ready to take a mate for life.

    In this case, Aquita wanted to swim naked as it was refreshing to her. Mateo showing up is an added bonus. After this is over, I wouldn't say she was cured. But, she is on the mend. It's going to take time and seeing a pink or blue aura will definitely help speed things along. Black auras tend to have a negative impact on Aquan psyches. It remains to be seen how this will effect Robkas and Kahlia going forward. The two are stuck with each other. But, I don't think they'll be happy with each other.

    At least we know Aquita will be fine. She has her husband, son, family and friends to help her. That's all we can hope for.

See ya next time for more on Norad and Syntax!

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