Saturday, July 4, 2020

Starbolts #487: Old Glory


This week's comic is a very special 4th of July comic as it was released ON the 4th of July. I have introduced the original Iron Eagle and his partner Spitfire. The Iron Eagle I had in the comic before was not the original patriotic hero. This man is. And as it happens, they are the parents of the second Lady Liberty! That then makes them the grandparents of Jack, Sara and Crystal.

I hope that explanation makes some sense. =) After Iron Eagle and Spitfire died under mysterious circumstances, their friend Carter Danvers took their mantle and became Lady Liberty. Andrea was orphaned and was put into foster care. However, Carter made it a point to stay in touch with the young girl. They formed a friendship and have been reunited.

We'll be revisiting what caused the deaths of Lavarre and Tennant in a future comic. Stay tuned for that. I did like how I had the ghosts visit the grandkids. Did they suspect that their great-grandchildren were there as well? Who can say? I did have them in focus in one of the panels. I wonder if they suspected anything.

You can also bet that Sara, Jack and Crystal would be entranced by that newsreel footage of their grandparents. Terra Nova had a hate for their family since the days of World War II. And it turns out that they were a Nazi science division. They were formed in the 1920s as a secret society and just got absorbed into the Nazis.

It's funny. Ever since those days, the organization tried to stop Lavarre and his progeny. The grandchildren were the ones who finally put them out of business. Ah, the irony.

See you next time! Have a great holiday!

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