Saturday, October 5, 2019

Starbolts #452: Family Matters


This week's comic is all about family issues. The first half is devoted to Ellie and her father getting some much needed closure. Nothing like being greeted by the OG Avengers, though, right? Here is who everyone is in that group:

From left to right:

Elaine Dastara
Gregorio Arlandero
Rebecca Johnson
Richard Dastara
Andrea Whitefox
Stan Whitefox
Theodore Ferguson
Avery Johnson
Gloria Arlandero.

If you noticed, Kevin's parents aren't there. His mom was a teammate of theirs and his father killed her. It's too bad Sirak and Yeena J'arrsti weren't there. That would have made this scene awesome. I was tempted to put in the newest members of the Starbolts parents, Dendra and Nisson Odanta. Probably too soon for them to be involved in any Agents missions.

I also wrapped up Tanis's storyline this week. He'll be leaving for Aquarius and will be on Xemplara with the likes of Garazo. Oh, he's gonna have fun with him. So much fun. Shrall will be back for the wedding, though. And speaking of the wedding. Looks like we have girls' night and a stag party to work on!

See you next time!

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