Sunday, May 12, 2019

Starbolts #432: Sisterly Bonds


This week's comic marks the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Sara and Firaxil are on their way to New Inobus. There they will most likely have a fun adventure. Nothing too crazy, I am sure.  Look for another loose end to be tied up over there and the start of something huge.  And it looks like our heroes will be making their way to Earth in the interim. Sounds like a lot is happening for the Starbolts in just a short time.

Of course, like M'anta said, there are other issues to be resolved. There are other threats out there. Right now it's a good idea to let our heroes relish in the moment.  A lot more action is coming.

As far as this week's comic goes, I enjoy the bit I had with the kid, Crystal and Sara. It shows that the former Terra Nova girls are slowly but surely getting respected by the public. They've come a long way from the angry women they were some time ago. They're better people now. Both of them and that scene clinches it. They're both in happy, healthy relationships. Life is finally going in a good direction. I don't think they could ask for anything more.

See you next time!

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