Saturday, May 13, 2017

Starbolts #349: Slaves to Emotion


We are one comic away from the exciting conclusion to this storyline! Lives will be changed forever in the grand finale of this epic event! Right now it looks like Norad is going through a bit of a problem. Syntax is really a fembot that wants to procreate with Norad. Strange notion considering she basically abused him several times throughout her appearances. I know love hurts but this is ridiculous!

I enjoyed making the background for inside the computer. I was thinking of the movie Tron and thought that would be a cool thing to make. Now I wish I had one of those light cycles from the original movie. I had one of those as a toy a long, long time ago. It's somewhere in the attic now I believe along with a great many things.

It also seems like Val and Simon do not exactly have a healthy relationship. Not when she's constantly using her pheromones on him. She's gonna have to stop at some point. I do like Crystal giving her a WTF look. For her love is work. Valentina here makes it too easy and that's the big difference with those two. Methinks Val needs to see a psychiatrist.

See you next time for the exciting conclusion!

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