Saturday, June 11, 2016

Starbolts #312: For the Starbolts' Eyes Only


This week, the Starbolts find out what was in the message Crystal sent and what it means for both her and Dennis. Dennis, as you can see, isn't taking things very well. He's obviously angry! Rightfully, so! I purposely had Andrea be the one to console him and talk to him about everything because like I said earlier Andrea has basically been Crystal and Dennis's mom. I suppose it might be because when the two joined, Jack was on ice and so she took in the two as surrogate children. Perhaps one day it'll be more. Perhaps....(Foreshadowing.)

I also wanted to show a scene with him because I wanted to show that there is a connection between the Arronfeld kids and the Whitefoxes. These scenes will become important later in the story.

Then there's Umbra. What could he be up to? Do you think he could be trusted? Maybe cautiously trusted? Implicitly? Maybe. I don't think anyone's gonna be buddy-buddy with him any time soon. Least of all Marcus. We KNOW he doesn't trust that caped nut.  He may not have a reason to trust him. But, if Crystal doesn't trust him, he isn't going to. Besides, do you want some stranger poking around a file that concerns her and her brother? That's best left to friends she can trust. This has become an internal Starbolts matter and Umbra doesn't need to know everything. Still, you have to wonder what he wants with Dennis. Marcus is right. The dude is a creep.

Still, M'anta is sensing something from him. What could it be? Umbra is hiding something and M'anta can't quite figure it out. Yet. I'm thinking Umbra has mental defenses and they are gradually being broken down. Since M'anta is a telepath, he'll figure it out. So will Aquita. Dude picked the wrong team to hang out with this week.

Next time I delve into Captain America #1: The controversial comic. That should be fun. I have a theory as to how the story will play out. Stay tuned! And after that we'll learn Crystal's fate at the hands of the Legion!

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