Saturday, February 20, 2016

Starbolts #299: Divine Intervention


Robkas, buddy. You can't just take a cyborg's arm and run around with it. You're not a raccoon! This is not how you get redeemed! This is probably the opposite of getting redeemed. This is making things so much worse! The only way you can get redeemed now is to save a planet full of puppies from a star going supernova! And now that you don't have any powers, I don't see that happening!

Ah, I love talking to my characters. =) This comic brings us one week closer to Starbolts #300 and the final part of this story. Where did the eight avatars go? Well, we'll find out soon enough in our sixty panel extravaganza. So many comics and it's still fun to do these stories. That's the important thing.

On the video side of things, I still plan on doing one soon. It'll most likely be about the Miles Morales Spider-Man or another comic. Possibly Iron Man since Doom shows up there and it's a follow-up to what I talked about in Secret Wars #9's review. I got time to decide. =)

Enjoy the comic! I'll see ya next time!

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