Saturday, December 12, 2015

Starbolts #292: The Fire of Courage


Sorry the comic was a little later than usual. I had some issues to take care of video editing wise. So, I decided to work on a comic this week. I think it came out really good. Here, I gave us a glimpse as to how Aquita, Shrall and M'anta got their powers. And now a fourth joins the list of champions! She will definitely be a friend. I doubt she's going to join the Starbolts. Not everyone with powers needs to join the Starbolts. So, instead, she may join Xemplara just to figure out her newfound powers.

I see Shrall personally training her since he is a champion/avatar himself. I had a bit of fun making up the goddess of fire. She reminds me of the goddesses in Kid Icarus: Uprising for some reason. Probably because she's full of spunk. There's also something cool about making a firefighter a fire-based hero. Dunno what it is. But, it's cool nonetheless. =D

In other news, I'll get a vid out when I can. Going to try editing this bit and then go from there. That's the only thing really slowing down the process. It'll be worth it, I'm sure. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

So, next week will be a surprise. Will it be a comic? Will it be a vid? We shall see! Stay tuned! And thanks for being patient!

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  1. Makes a bit of sense. If she can control fire it would be easier to rescue people from it, and then give some firebug a taste of their own medicine. And since water is useless in a grease or oil fire she'd be useful in every situation, without worrying if she had enough, say, ice power to control or put out a fire. Firebenders probably make good firefighters, if that's how her powers will work.