Saturday, September 12, 2015

Starbolts #283: The Legend of Kyodon


Sorry for the delay in posting. I was working on some Kyodon designs and I think what I ended up with was the best one. Before, I had this mix of Groudon/Kyogre from Pokemon. It worked okay but it looked a little TOO much like those two pokemon. So, I made a compromise. Giant fire breathing tortoise steals Trogdor's gimmick. Film at 11.

The backstory I came up with is interesting. This basically means M'anta, Aquita and Shrall can't fight this thing head-on. To do so would mean their certain death. So, it's up to those four in the cell to save the day. And of course they might be getting help from Jenna, Mateo and Jack. They are still on the planet.

The question is how is the four going to get out of this mess? They will. They will. It'll take some doing. As for me, I got the Trogdor theme stuck in my head. Kyodon is definitely burninating the peasants of that village. Problem is I don't think those roofs are thatched. Ah well.

And the Kyodon goes into the NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

 In other news, Comixology has a New Warriors sale going on. Check it out and you can read the first seventeen or so issues of the '90s New Warriors comic. You WON'T be disappointed. And speaking of comics, I am making my picks for review once the MU comes back from Secret Wars. Got some good stuff on my plate and chances are this will keep me busy.

Until next time!

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