Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Starbolts #254: Santa Garazo is Coming to Town


 Happy holidays from the Starbolts! I'm sure Santa is fine. He's just missing a hat is all. He's doing just fine now. I had a blast writing this with my friend and cohort, Mark. He came up with an idea where Garazo takes Santa's hat and relates the tale to young Sirak. Speaking of the kid, he's now walking! Looks like he'll be getting into trouble soon. Next thing ya know he'll be saving his parents in the past. Wait...he already did that. Heh.

The funny thing is that Santa's sprite is based on Danar's. There's a switch for ya. See you all in the new year where I'll have new Starbolts adventures and more videos to share. Let's make 2015 a LOT better than 2014!

Happy holidays!

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