Saturday, October 11, 2014

Starbolts #249: Light the Fires


Not a lot of character moments this week, I know. There's just a lot of action, action and more action. Don't worry. Next week will probably have more action. Er...character bits. Yeah. Then again, we do see some here. We see Angela reacting to her mysterious power drain that sort of foreshadows what's happening to Jenna in the last few panels. We also see Jack hurrying to save his friends. Don't worry. The other Starbolts are actually on their way as we'll see next week.

Now we know what plans the Jade Skull has for Jenna. He wants to increase her power to its full potential. My editor, Laura, hopes she won't go Dark Phoenix on everyone. Probably not. I'm thinking more "Human Torch" than anything. The question is will it last? What will the implications be of the tinkering with her genes? What did Jade Skull mean by "the lie". We'll find out soon enough!

Next comic may be issue 250. But, the story doesn't end here!  Enjoy the ride!

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