Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starbolts #230: Revisionist History


We now know the identity of the time traveler! He is none other than little Sirak Arlandero who was last seen a few issues ago as a toddler. Now, here he is as a teenager! Time travel's weird, man. The story, like I said above, is that he came to the past to stop a time wave from destroying his timeline. He started to fade from existence, too. The question is: How will Queen Aquita react? Plus. If she's here...where are the Starbolts? What happened to them? Something did happen. And I'll show you next week.

Just remember: Every great decision causes ripples. A fixed point in time has been altered by Robkas in his trip to the past.  What could it be? Strange things happen when you meddle with time. We have tons of examples of this all through fiction. You could have a hellish town replace your quaint community. You could have Borg all over your world.  Heh. I think I've been watching too much science fiction.

Anyway, this will mean a lot for our queen here. Sirak's mission is to now ensure the future he comes from happens or else time will catch up and erase him from existence. By the way, as a bonus, I'll add the dialog that probably would have happened in the office had I not cut away:

Robkas: Well, what have you found?!
Doctor Aun: My Queen...the boy...
Aquita: Yes?
Doctor Aun: The boy has Terran and Aquan DNA
Aquita: That's.odd.
Robkas: Indeed. Especially since I ordered a barricade around that worthless mudball.
Doctor Aun: There's more. My Queen, the boy is your son!
Aquita and Robkas: WHAT?!
Robkas: Aquita, how could you?!
*Aquita slaps Robkas*
Aquita: Don't even think it! I love you!
Robkas: I'm going down there and I vow to get some answers!
Aquita: NO!
Robkas: No? You dare defy me?
Aquita: It wouldn't be the first time, amasa. I'm going down there to get answers. You would go down there and kill him and then I'd be left wondering about this boy,who I have just found out may be my son! 

She then storms off,. Ah. It's the stuff of soap operas isn't it? See you next time!

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