Saturday, July 21, 2012

Starbolts #162: Race to the Finish!


Today, I have some news! Other than the newest comic, I have updated my Deviantart account. On it, you'll find all my old comics and eventually I hope to have ALL of them on there. That could take some doing. I have the first fifty or so comics up. Here's the deviantart page:

 Back to the comic, as you can see Manta has finally escaped Earth. I really like how the shuttlecraft came out so I will most likely keep the design. What I did was I looked at a model I made out of legos years ago and turned it into this sprited shuttlecraft. Perhaps I will share the picture some day. Not sure.

A little note on Crystal. In past stories, she was written as a bit promiscuous and had a bit of an attitude problem. That's what alternate Crystal refers to here. It's funny, isn't it? Dark Crystal ends up having more sense than regular Crystal ever did. Now that I cleaned up her sprite, I'll probably be using her more. Oh and Princess? Lady doesn't stand a chance against Jenna. In ANY reality! 

Next time, I'll be doing a video. What will it be about? Well, a comic of course! In fact, it will be a very OLD comic. That's all I'll say as I venture back into the Marvel Universe. OOPS! There's hint number two! I better stop before I give it all away! See you all next time!

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