Saturday, January 21, 2012

Starbolts #143: Angel of Light

Long comic this week, right? Sorry about that. Haha. I wanted to accomplish a few things this week.

1. Show how crazy Moneybagger is. I think that was accomplished ten thousand fold.

2. Have a character arc with Angela. Why her? Well, this week I made a new outro with her and completely redid her sprites as you can see. She's got a new look and I needed to explain it. What better way to do it than by saying "Yeah, your powers evolved more Ang. You got more control over it."

3. I also needed a bridge between this and next week's comic. Various things will be hitting the fan that day. ALL OF THE THINGS!

I also wanted to show just how close Angela and Kevin are. It'll become important after this arc and especially in the next one when...Sorry. I just got a note from my lawyer. He said to stop talking. Er...typing.

Anyway, enjoy this week's comic!

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