Saturday, August 20, 2011

Starbolts #129: The GREAT Garazo!

A long time ago, my friend and frequent blogger on the site, Rabbi, wanted to learn more about Garazo's backstory. Mark and I cooked up this elaborate story and we waited until we had some way to tell it. It was finally decided that it was going to be little Sirak's bedtime story. Hey, it worked, right? The kid is asleep. I...can't forsee any psychological harm in telling this story to a minor. No matter what species you are.

In this story, Garazo is about maybe 13 years old. He's about thirty in the present day. He was tiny for his age back then. He later grew into the fierce warrior we know him as today. Drawing the sangrale took a LONG time and several rough drafts. The first draft looked like something from Dr. Suess. It was bright green and had orange stripes on it.

So, eventually, I drew a small cat-like creature and made it bigger. Am unsure about the size increase process for that sprite. But, it works. It's an alien cat. Who's gonna say different? Still, I did think up some other titles for the comic. Some of which include "The attack of the purple people eater!" Then, Ven tells me it's blue. Looks purple to me! Then again, I may be color blind. Eh, no big deal.

Well, that's this week's comic. Enjoy!

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