Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starbolts #125: Jack's Final Mission (Part 5)

There's a story behind this week's comic. As there usually is. My friend, Mark, who has been writing the storyline for Jack had said last week lacked bloodspray. So, this week he sends me the script and says "ADD BLOODSPRAY!" So...I did. Mark, I hope you're happy when you read this. =P Good God...The blood! Eh...could be worse, right? I mean at least I never blew up a pla...Wait...yes I did.
It always comes down to that. Anyway, enjoy this week's comic and stay tuned for the exciting conclusion next week! What will happen? Who can say? How many more '80s references can we pour out before the end of the comic? Not many, I think. Really wanted to do something with Dinosaucers or something really obscure. See ya next time!

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