Saturday, August 15, 2015

Starbolts #280: The Fantastic Voyage


Today's comic starts a small storyline on Aquarius. Nothing too heavy. I was thinking this will be a Fantastic Four homage of sorts. I have four characters venturing into the unknown depths of a world very few outsiders have seen. Who knows what dangers await them at the bottom of Aquarius's vast, world-spanning ocean? Well, they'll more than likely find the nut responsible for this mess. That much is obvious.

Anyway, as a homage to the first family of comics, I have Kevin be the scientist, Marcus being the wiseass, Angela being the scientist's girlfriend and Garazo being the muscle. Speaking of Garazo, I kind of wonder how he'll do with all that water. We shall see.  Next week, I'll show the submarine the group is in. I didn't have time to draw one for this week. But, next time I will. Should be cool. I also kind of like the hovercar I made in the beginning of the comic.

After next week, I'll be working on a video. I'll be working on one about one of the various Secret Wars tie-ins. Not sure which one, yet. But, it should be good.

Until then, enjoy the comic and I'll see ya next time!

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