Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comic Picks: Top 5Best of Marvel Comics 2012


With the new year here, I thought I would start a new section here on this site. Every once in a while, I'll post my thoughts on various comics I've read. The series'll be called Comic Picks and with the introduction out of the way, let's get started!

This year, we've seen Marvel produce some ill advised crossover events. One that I may make a video out of in the future. I am of course referring to Avengers vs. X-Men. Or as I'd like to call it: The deconstruction of several superheroes you may have liked at one point! Rest assured, there have been some good comics out there to combat the lameness that was A v X.

5. Spider-Men

This limited series saw Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) team up with Spidey in a crossover that spanned both the core Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe. We saw Pete react to seeing a teenage Gwen Stacy and a world in which another version of him had died. There were many great character moments and the interplay between two Spideys have been great!

4. Avengers: End Times

I know the title sounds very foreboding and grim,. But, the Avengers storyline DID have something happen in it that proved to be something the fans of Avengers have wanted since Secret Invasion. This was the return of the Wasp. The storyline had the Wasp return in a logical way. It wasn't phoned in. It wasn't tacked on, either. I won't spoil how it happened. But, after she "died" there had been subtle hints to her return. A hint in Avengers Academy here. A line there. And boom. Wasp returns to the fold! Great storyline with everything building up to that!

3. All-New X-Men

Out of all of the Marvel Now books, I'm enjoying this one the most. Why? Well, like I said before, Scott Summers aka Cyclops has been vilified thanks to events leading up to Avengers vs X-Men. In case you haven't heard, the All New X-Men has the original five X-Men go to the future to stop Cyclops from his rampage. They see what the world has become and they are rightfully angry. It'll be interesting to see where this book goes from here. It's fun and it actually may be a good jumping on point if one wants to read the X-Men.

2.  Captain America

This year saw the end of Brubaker's run on the award winning Captain America series. It was action packed and had a lot of moments that explored Steve's psyche as Cap dealt with more than one ghost from his past. The run ended with Cap coming face to face with someone who was the Captain America of the '50s. The battle was great and Cap struggled to find out just who he was. Was he just a symbol or was he a man? Or both?

1 Avengers Academy

Even though the series ended last year, this comic was a wild ride from start to finish. Marvel took several kids who were tainted by Norman Osborn and trained them to be Avengers in order to prevent them from becoming baddies. It was an original concept and the series this year closed many plotlines and resolved many things that lingered from when the series started. All in all it was a good series!

There have been other comics that deserve the nod for "best comic of the year" However, this is my opinion. My thoughts and I would have added more from Marvel to the list if it weren't for these stories actually making me say "Wow. These were pretty good." I have my thoughts on other comics and especially Amazing Spider-Man #700. I think that last one may be better suited for a video. I've yet to see the other Marvel Now books to see what's in store and how good they will be.

I'm still reading several comics from Marvel and they all just started the Marvel Now. I will say this as a quick note: Avengers Arena? Not my style right now. Even if it does have one of my favorite characters in it.

Well, that's about does it for now. See ya next time!

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