The villains of the Starbolts universe are a strange lot. From terrorist organizations to interdimensional despots, they are here to be a thorn in the side of our heroes. With villains this tough, it can be a challenge for any hero to withstand.

Bring on the bad guys!

Name: Demonstorm
Real Name: N/A
Powers: Energy manipulation and magic

Demonstorm is the self-proclaimed ruler of the dimension known as Demonsk. From his core, he is a ruthless tyrant who rules his people with an iron fist. From a young age, he sought out power from his father, the previous ruler of Demonsk. Once he came of age, he seized control and imprisoned his family so that they could watch what he has done to their realm.

Name: Medea
Real Name: N/A
Powers: Flight and mind control


Demonstorm's wife, Medea, is a harsh and cruel mistress with a sweet voice that lulls people into a false sense of security. She may look like a fairy godmother in appearance. However, she is anything BUT. Cunning and dangerous, she will do anything to get her way. Even going so far as to clone her son, Tanis.

Name: Braun
Real Name: N/A
Powers: none.

Braun is a scientist employed by Lord Demonstorm as he provides the weapons his army needs when magic and the sword fails to work against his enemies. Though small in stature, Braun is a force to be reckoned with as the scientist will not rest until Demonstorm's army reigns over all.

Name: Alan Whitefox
Real name: N/A
Powers: None.

Alan Whitefox is the brother of Agents of S.T.A.R. founder, Stan Whitefox. Long ago, he too was an Agent until he and his brother had a falling out about where to take the team. Stan shunned his brother's idea to control the rise of metahumans on Earth and went into hiding. He had wanted to extract the metahuman gene from the Agents' children. He saw the return of metahuman heroes who were not seen since the days of World War II as a threat. He joined Terra Nova to ensure that another heroic age never happened again.

Name: Terra Nova
Real name: N/A

Terra Nova is an organization formed in the days of World War II when superheroes fought the Axis powers. They saw the rise of these heroes as a threat to mankind's evolution and an affront to nature. Seeking to end their reign on the Earth, they continually fought metahumans until the gene that caused their powers mysteriously went into submission. Biding their time, Terra Nova also went into hiding.

Another organization calling itself DISCORD picked up the slack when Terra Nova disappeared. Instead of looking for metahumans, that organization was bent soley on world domnination. Once they were defeated by Jack Whitefox and his team, they went into hiding and Terra Nova resurfaced once word got out about a team of young metahuman heroes making a name for themselves in Dastara City.

Once first contact with aliens was made, the organization also decided to switch gears and strove to make Earth ONLY for humans. Their goal was to make sure humanity never reached the stars for fear the planet would be tainted by relations from other words. They even went so far as to hire a rapist to kill the king of Aquarius. Eventually, they were defeated and haven't been heard from in some time.

Name: D.I.S.C.O.R.D.

D.I.S.C.O.R.D., the Dedicated International Society for Crimes of wRath and Destruction has had its roots in the 1980s as an organization dedicated to bringing chaos to a world full of order. Their belief is that they feel that they have to shape the world to suit their needs. THAT is why they are still around. People will follow what they feel is right and D.I.S.C.O.R.D. is one of those organizations that would sugarcoat their deeds in the name of their own righteousness.

Lead by General Discord and Dr. Demented, the organization went into hiding and recently emerged in the wake of Terra Nova's destruction. Now, they seek to hunt down anyone involved with the super-soldier program, metahumans and aliens as they adopted Terra Nova's belief that Earth should be for humans only.

Along the way, they have been joined by minor super-villains such as Granite, Princess and others. In the past they had been minor metahyman threats. Now, thanks to D.I.S.C.O.R.D., they had been augmented with enhancements. Also, thanks to the organization's mad science, they even brought back Soldier Six as clones.

One of their most prominent members is former Soldier Six operative, Cobra, who had been brought back from the dead to continue his path of deceit and destruction.

Name: The Legion

The Legion are a group of villains from all walks of life and races. They were formed by Demonstorm, who wanted to test the Starbolts' strength against their most deadliest foes in a tournament. After it finished, the group decided to stay together and work closely with Cobra and D.I.S.C.O.R.D.

The most prominent members are:

Cobra: A former Soldier Six member who now works for D.I.S.C.O.R.D.
Princess: A woman with a high tech battlesuit.
Granite: A man who has been transformed into a rock-like monster.
Robkas D'Vane: An Aquan who has a serious lust for Princess Aquita
Valentine: A woman capable of putting men under her control with her pheromones. She is also an accomplished martial artist.
Punchline: A metahuman able to duplicate himself.
Syntax: A robot with no love for humanity.
Spectra: A being made out of light energy.
Dreadwing: A scientist who tried to alter his DNA to become a metahuman.
Tornado: A man capable of generating gale force winds.
Jack Lantern: A man capable of controlling plant life.
Backdraft: A man whose suit gives him fire based abilities.
Jade: A metahuman with green skin and superhuman strength.

Baddies from outside the solar system:

Name: The Mosqukatara

They are an insectoid race from a region of space near Aquarius, Dovianni, Leonid IV and Setleth. Their main objective is to enslave all races that are inferior to them. Ruled by a queen, the race has a hive-mind and for a long time, they succeeded in conquering several worlds. Most notably, the aquatic world of Aquarius. The planet was liberated and eventually was taken over again. That is until the Starbolts and their allies fought back the threat. Will they rise again? Time will tell.

Name: Praetorians
Powers: Similar to the Centurions.

The Praetorians are the opposite side of the Centurions spectrum and wish to destroy all life. Completely devoted to destruction, they will subjugate anyone they feel is worthy enough to go along with their plan to spread fear throughout the galaxy. One such person was the Aquan known as Robkas D'vane, the former suitor of the Starbolt Aquita.

Other alien baddies include:

L'Taa: A renegade Leonid.
A Setleth not interested in profit.
A Dovianni warlord named Halconis.

In addition to them, there are three avatars of the dark Gods of Aquarius running around. Unlike Aquita, M'anta and Shrall, these three represent the Aquan Gods of Death, Discord and War.