Saturday, April 18, 2015

Starbolts #266: Team on the Run


Wow! A lot has certainly gone on this week. Hopefully, everything has been tied together in a neat package. It's funny, though. The alien members of the team have been asked to leave. BUT! They don't really know about Carra, the daughter of Garazo do they? Gladstone just said the bird lady and the Aquans had to go. So, he doesn't know about Carra. It's just as well. She's safe at the sanctum for the moment. The question is...what are they gonna do? Well, we shall see.

I certainly had a good time writing this comic. I know it's a little longer than most. But, there was a lot I want done. The scene in the shuttlebay was originally shorter. I wanted more stuff done so I made the comic a little longer.

In other news, my friend MarzGurl released Farewell Famikamen Rider a couple days ago. Please check it out as she and her husband Josh pay tribute to our mutual friend, the late Justin "JewWario" Carmical. Or rather a last adventure for his character, Famikamen Rider Check it out here:

Enjoy the comic and I will see you next time!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Starbolts #265: Back at the Ranch


Leave it to Crystal to have like +5000 charisma or something. I kind of feel bad having her flirt with Omega. But, then remember...she just wants to get away. Nothing more or nothing less. Nothing was going to happen. She wanted out of there so she had time to run off to Norad. Speaking of him, the team back at Agents Embassy are going to have their hands full aren't they? Good thing Knight showed up! We'll find out what he's up to next week. It's certainly fun to write Crystal as a southern belle. She really lays on the charm. I had to make sure she didn't lay it on TOO thick.

So now TK, Kaori and Dennis are captured. You don't know want to know what sinister plan Skull's got cooked up. It's not going to be pretty! Stay tuned and find out! See you then!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Starbolts #264: Arrested Development


Two things to note this week. One: Those robots are silly looking for a reason. Not sure what, exactly. But, I am pretty sure that Jade Skull thought yellow paint on an android was a good idea. Add in a monitor with his face on it and you have yourself something really kinda stupid looking. Never said Jade Skull was sane now did I?

The other thing to note is that H. P. Gladstone is a grade a jerk. Seriously.  Let's hope that he shuts up when Jack and M'anta arrive back with proof. AND some robot parts. Can't have enough of those. God, those things are silly looking. They'll be in action next week. After that, I probably won't use them again. We'll see.

Hope you all enjoyed the Ms. Marvel video! Was fun making it. So much so that my video editing software broke on me afterward. It's okay. I am getting a new one and all will be right in the world. Will be working on a crossover with JT Haslach, the dude in the end of the video. AND I'll be in another crossover, soon. So, it looks like April is gonna be busy!

Anyway, enjoy the comic. I really hope that yellow isn't blinding anyone.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starbolts #263: From Bad to Worse


The Starbolts just can't catch a break this week can they? Who is this Gladstone guy? He couldn't have seen that news report already could he? I don't think so. Something else must be up. It could be the fact that there's a nice,  big spaceship in the middle of the park. Oh well. It's not like a superhero universe hasn't ever had that happen before.

In other news, work will begin on the Ms. Marvel #1 review and I'll have that up as soon as possible. Then that will mean the end of the retrospective. I have some other comics in mind for after that video. Most likely the aftermath of the new Secret Wars coming out. We shall see.  If anything, I'll offer my take on "Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows".

Until next time, true believers!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Starbolts #262: Made in America


Whew! What a week! It should be noted that people inside the restaurant I so cleverly called " The Upper Crust" and people across the street here have been watching this fight. When Iron Eagle snaps out of this, I don't think he can find a way to redeem himself. I wanted to show Iron Eagle being a villain in public. What better way to do that than in front off a swanky Manhattan restaurant? Note: The Upper Crust is really a pizza joint in my mind. =)

Anyway, the comic is longer than usual because I wanted to show Sentinel getting locked up, too instead of Jenna just leaving him knocked out.

What will happen next? Time will tell! Just what was Skull planning to do with that shield? From Manta's POV in the last panel, all he can see is Jenna about to be decapitated. This doesn't look good. Tune in next week for more action from this storyline. Gonna start winding it down some!

See ya next time!