Saturday, April 12, 2014

Starbolts #230: Revisionist History


We now know the identity of the time traveler! He is none other than little Sirak Arlandero who was last seen a few issues ago as a toddler. Now, here he is as a teenager! Time travel's weird, man. The story, like I said above, is that he came to the past to stop a time wave from destroying his timeline. He started to fade from existence, too. The question is: How will Queen Aquita react? Plus. If she's here...where are the Starbolts? What happened to them? Something did happen. And I'll show you next week.

Just remember: Every great decision causes ripples. A fixed point in time has been altered by Robkas in his trip to the past.  What could it be? Strange things happen when you meddle with time. We have tons of examples of this all through fiction. You could have a hellish town replace your quaint community. You could have Borg all over your world.  Heh. I think I've been watching too much science fiction.

Anyway, this will mean a lot for our queen here. Sirak's mission is to now ensure the future he comes from happens or else time will catch up and erase him from existence. By the way, as a bonus, I'll add the dialog that probably would have happened in the office had I not cut away:

Robkas: Well, what have you found?!
Doctor Aun: My Queen...the boy...
Aquita: Yes?
Doctor Aun: The boy has Terran and Aquan DNA
Aquita: That's.odd.
Robkas: Indeed. Especially since I ordered a barricade around that worthless mudball.
Doctor Aun: There's more. My Queen, the boy is your son!
Aquita and Robkas: WHAT?!
Robkas: Aquita, how could you?!
*Aquita slaps Robkas*
Aquita: Don't even think it! I love you!
Robkas: I'm going down there and I vow to get some answers!
Aquita: NO!
Robkas: No? You dare defy me?
Aquita: It wouldn't be the first time, amasa. I'm going down there to get answers. You would go down there and kill him and then I'd be left wondering about this boy,who I have just found out may be my son! 

She then storms off,. Ah. It's the stuff of soap operas isn't it? See you next time!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Starbolts #229: A Matter of Time


Okay. Let's see what I referenced here in terms of time travel. Back to the Future, Ecco the Dolphin and Doctor Who. Not bad. Could have used more slingshotting around the sun or something. I don't know. Either way, the story's continuing and I will be creating a jumping on point for new readers soon. I like to create one every year or so. Last year, it was that trip down memory lane that Jenna experienced at the hands of Dark Manta. This year, it will involve time travel.

I spent a great deal of time (Hehe.) coming up with how I was going to do it and still connect it with the story at hand. That being Robkas causing trouble...again. This time, (Hehe.) he has gone back in time to a certain point that has caused Aquita to change into a royal gown right before the time traveler's eyes.

Speaking of the time traveler, I'll leave you to guess who he is. I've intentionally left his identity vague. He does have a connection with Angela. I'll give you that much and obviously he is a future Starbolt.  I'll give more hints next week, though and some back story regarding our new friend here.

He may have a pallet swapped version of Shrall's suit. But, he isn't Shrall. Though, he does have a connection to him as well. Hmm...Who could he be?

Stay tuned and find out!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Starbolts #228: Morning in the Garden

I really hate writing Robkas. No. Seriously. I do. I guess it's a testament to a writer to really hate some characters he or she creates. This guy, Robkas. He's a rich snob, a pseudo racist and well...a generally unlikeable person. Granted, this is what makes him a baddie. I can't very well kill him off. I mean, I COULD. But, this world needs baddies and unfortunately this baddie's goals all center around one person: Aquita. That's always been his end goal. To possess her and of course I don't feel any guy should possess someone. I felt the same way about another character I wrote. But, he died. Oh, my did he he die. Hahahaha!

Robkas, I'll keep around. After this story, he'll be on the backburner until the Legion wants him for something. So, yeah. Forced kiss. Originally, this scene was a bit darker. But, I edited some stuff out. Kinda creeped me out and I didn't want any readers to get TOO creeped out. Robkas is a creeper. There's no disputing it. There's also no way to redeem this guy.

The comic after next week, I promise will deliver something pro awesome. I'm talking 26 panels of Robkas getting the crap beaten out of him. 13 panels of Aquita beating him up and 13 panels of Mateo, too. =)  I say after next week because next Saturday I will have a video up.  Yeah. I am returning to the wild and weird world of Internet videos! All the old vids are up (Except for a 4th of July one which will get an upgrade this summer.) So, yeah. Look forward to that. and Robkas getting pulverized. That's always fun.

See ya next time!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Starbolts #227: The Raid

 I was originally going to call this comic "No More Avatars" or something referencing the House of M storyline from a few years ago. But, I may save that for later. As for M'anta and you think they lost their powers? What do you think happened to them? Hard to say at this point. I'm not going to spoil it. But, I have had a couple ideas running around in my head. We shall see.

In other news, I picked out the comics I am going to review up to the end of the year. It's going to be a fun ride. I'm also thinking of doing another Marvel history decade by decade retrospective. It should be fun. The trick of course would be starting with someone in the '40s. Well, I covered Human Torch and Namor. The only one left from those days who was super awesome was The Fin. I mean...he was fantastic! Everyone loves The Fin!

Okay, Okay. It's Captain America. I can't fool you guys. =) See you next time!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Starbolts #226: Prelude to Armageddon

 For it to be an officially sanctioned maniacal, evil or maniacal evil laugh; it must have at least a guild standards (3) "ha's" to it. Points are awarded during the annual maniacal laughter competitions for sound quality, duration, overall menace and evil tone. Bonus points are awarded for using for scaring any audience members. Points are deducted if contestants launch into monologues.

 Wow. There's a lot of stuff going on this week, huh? Jo'Trill's recovering from that smackdown Mateo gave him, Shrall's prepping for battle and oh yea...the Gods' realm has been sacked by the Goddess of Death herself. Hmm. It appears...yes...we're in a new storyline called "Our Gods at War". Not to be confused with "Our Worlds at War", which was a DC crossover event.

In other news, tomorrow I will be putting up the last Comic Showcase on Youtube before I start over again with the new New Warriors #1. The review should be out in late March so be on the lookout for that. And after that, there'll be a new Amazing Spider-Man and you KNOW I will be reviewing that comic. Then comes Nightcrawler #1. By August, I hope to also review a book starring a ragtag band of heroes you might know as...The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Looks like my dance card for the rest of the year is full. Here's hoping these comics rock, huh? See you next time!
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