Sunday, August 21, 2016

Starbolts #320: Dr. Marshall, I Presume


This week's comic gives us the secret origin of Valentine! Valentina Ferraro comes from a wealthy Lawrence, Massachusetts family. This family has ties to Terra Nova dating back to the turn of the century as mentioned in the comic. Her parents made her join and sent Marshall to seal the deal. Of course, he had a bit of help from the young Tornado. This proves Tommy was always a bit of a jerk, huh? Yeah, I'd say so.

If we go by a timeline, the flashback takes place just after the Starbolts were formed by the Whitefoxes. Valentina's team had fought the Starbolts since those early days. And it seems she has been a bit reluctant since day one.

Here's a question. Do you think she can be redeemed? She and Simon have both been kind of on the fence regarding the whole villain thing since about the beginning. It's safe to say that Simon has been blackmailed, too. It's also safe to say Terra Nova had Valentina's parents killed anyway. So, she may not have any reason to stick around. Where would she go? I don't think she'd be welcome with the Starbolts. Especially Crystal. She already doesn't like her. There are parallels between the two characters backstories. But, as one became a hero the other went down a decidedly different path.

Another question. I wonder what D.I.S.C.O.R.D. wants with Dr. Marshall. Whatever it is, it can't be good. Stay tuned and find out!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Starbolts #319: In Umbra's Shadow


This week we finally figure out what Umbra's deal is. The guy is suspicious of the Starbolts after what happened to Iron Eagle and I bet he's for the regulation of metahumans and metahuman activities. Who wants to bet that he's secretly working for Gladstone? It is possible. This is only part of his deal. Why is he so concerned about Dennis's file? How did he find out about it? We'll find out soon enough.

I wanted to again show Norad's powers. The android's got some talent. That and I wanted to show Angela and Mateo. Haven't seen them in a while. Pretty sure they're gonna have bone to pick with Umbra over what happened to Rich.

Next time we're going to see what the baddies are up to! So, stay tuned!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Starbolts #318: Beginnings and Endings


Looking back, I maybe should have named this comic "All My Starbolts" because of the soap opera level drama we have here. Dennis is mad at his adoptive parents and rightfully so. Crystal is trying to be the voice of reason and has her own plans for dealing with the Arronfelds. I can't wait to do that scene as I already have a rough draft of that done. Should be pretty damn good. And cathartic in a way.

Next we have Raven leaving Umbra. Now who didn't see that one coming? I love how in the last panel Carra is happy. Rich is shocked. Umbra is stoic. He'll show some emotion next week. Not much. But, some.

I'm also trying new things with the comic. You might've noticed me zooming in on some things last week and this week. It's interesting. I thought I'd try it since it may give more sense of drama. I've done it before. But, not to this extent.

Anyway, we'll see how Umbra reacts to this news next week and in the future we'll see a final confrontation between Crystal and her parents. What last name will she choose? A hint is in this week's comic. =)

See you next time!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Movie Thoughts: Star Trek Beyond


I just got back from seeing Star Trek Beyond and honestly? I loved the film. It has a lot of action and when I first saw the trailer, I thought that's what it was going to end up being. Endless action and no substance like the other two Abrams movies. Later, Simon Pegg had said that the movie's trailer wasn't indicative of the movie. Far from it in fact. This piqued my curiosity and I had to see for myself what was going on. I saw early reviews of the movie and people seemed to enjoy it. I thought maybe I should see it and judge it for myself.

I did and had a great time! I enjoyed the subtle references to the past series. It wasn't being us over the head with it or anything. It was just a genuinely good movie since there was something else I enjoyed that wasn't hammered in constantly. This of course was the message of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek.

Perhaps it's fate that this movie came out in Star Trek's 50th year because I can't think of a better anniversary special than this. Well, maybe I can. A movie with ALL the captains would have been cool. I digress. I don't want to spoil anything. I will say that the message of Star Trek is in this movie. There is an underlining theme of unification despite differences. Our differences make us stronger. We can do great things if we're united toward a common goal.

In essence, that is the core meaning of Star Trek. It's not just about exploring strange new worlds. It's about ourselves and what we could do if we work together and create a fantastic future for ourselves once we look past our differences.

The characters were all great. Karl Urban nails McCoy very well. Everyone seems to understand the characters they are playing and it's good to see Star Trek on the screen again. It would be better of course to have a series on television. We have to wait for 2017's Star Trek: Discovery for that.

This movie shows that Star Trek is still around and is more than capable of still inspiring us to do great things. I give this movie a solid A.

The only things I didn't like were maybe the loud effects but that's really a personal thing for me. I didn't see the movie in 3D. I imagine it would give people a bit of a headache.

How does it compare to the other Abrams movies? Well, to be honest I like this a LOT more than Into Darkness. This seems like it should have been the Star Trek reboot movie we should have gotten in 2009. While that reboot was okay. It's this one that finally makes it seem like the original crew was on screen acting like the original crew.

I watched the movie with my dad and he remembers the original series. I could tell he loved the movie and it says a lot since he wasn't a fan of Into Darkness. Perhaps to him the movie felt like Star Trek. And you know what? I think it does, too.

Good movie. Definitely check it out! Live long and prosper.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Starbolts #317: Code Blue


 This week's comic seems like a hour long hospital show doesn't it? I ran through several possible titles in my head and I couldn't think of one that fit really well. Here are some examples:

1. ER: Earth Orbit
2. Doctor Arlandero MD
3. Trauma Center: Life in the ER

None of those really fit so I went with the codes hospitals use for when patients come in suffering a puncture wound or poisoning.  I have a few friends who are nurses and they said the other codes won't fit, either. Some of the others get kinda gross. Won't repeat 'em here.

Next week I plan on doing a review of one of the Superman Rebirth comics! After that? Well, I was going to do a retrospective on Spidey. But, then something cool happened. Richard Rider is returning to Nova so I plan on covering that. The Spidey retrospective would have overlapped it since he's coming back in the fall. So, I might have to see what else I can review in the interim because I really want to cover Rich's return.

Until then, we got Superman Rebirth to talk about and of course the further adventures of the Starbolts. Somehow I think the Arronfelds won't know what hit 'em. And I doubt we have seen the last of Nautilus.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Starbolts #316: Night of the Nautilus


Never lead an Aquan to the one place he or she rules supreme: The ocean. It doesn't matter what planet they are on. They are masters of the sea. And next week, our buddy Nautilus is gonna learn first-hand what happens when you fight an Aquan in water. 

I also learned an important lesson this week. I did three comic scripts over the week. The muse was with me and a friend of mine said to always listen to the muse. That is true. I did some great comics setting up stuff for future comics. I usually do script a comic ahead of the week I do one. But, this time the muse was really with me so I did three. Not counting this one. A lot of stuff is coming up. A break up, a joining, plans being put into motion, defeating Nautilus and more. I won't reveal it all. Let's just say we will definitely be seeing Nautilus again. He isn't going anywhere!

So much stuff is going on. Will of course be tossing a video in the mix. Deciding what to do on that front. It depends on whether or not the store has it in stock. After that I plan on doing a retrospective of Spider-Man through the decades. I'll be avoiding OMD. This is my tentative list:

Amazing Fantasy #16
The Death of Gwen Stacy
The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #400
Spider-Man/Human Torch
Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2015)

These may change. We'll see! In the meantime, enjoy what's gonna happen in the comics. The fun has just started!