Saturday, October 22, 2016

Starbolts #327: Race to the White House


This week's comic was a lot of fun to do. First off, I had to try and duplicate the White House's Rose Garden. Not easy since all of the images I found had it at strange angles. I did the best I could and I think it turned out great. Secondly, it looks like the Starbolts and Agents of S.T.A.R. have severed ties with the DMA. At least for now. They're gonna go after the DMA next since it has been compromised and who knows what will happen next.

We'll have to wait and see what the repercussions are since we have that Halloween comic coming up next week. That will be a lot of fun. Like last year's Halloween comic, it will tie into the current storyline.

As far as this week's comic goes, we have Nautilus once again losing to the Aquans he claims to hate. I'm thinking he should lose to Shrall some day. Just so all three Aquan Starbolts can have a crack at him. Poor guys doesn't know what he got himself into. We also learn a bit about Princess. Yes, she is a snob alright. Eh, not much can be done about that.

Anyway, stay tuned for the special Halloween comic! Should be good. AND SCARY!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Starbolts #326: Secret Meetings


That nameless aide never saw it coming did he? Now he's swimmin' with the fishes. This is why it's important to knock when you see a closed door. You never know who might be having a meeting with his minions. Oh, well.  Chances are Nautilus killed him right in the office BEFORE dumping the body and meeting Mateo and Aquita in the park.

I picked Mateo and Aquita for the DC mission as we haven't seen Mateo much.  Plus, Mateo is Marcus's best friend so I figured he should be on hand to help his buddy and his new girlfriend out.

In other news, I have several comics ready to go. Here are the "solits" as it were:

Starbolts #327: Race to the White House:

Can the Starbolts reach the White House before the Legion does?

Starbolts #328:

Special Halloween comic! Like last year, this one ties into the current storyline!

The next few comics are going to be action packed! What does Legion's new status mean for our heroes? Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Starbolts #325: America's Most Wanted


It's just Marcus and Crystal's luck that their first date had to end so quickly.  Had it continued, who knows what would have happened. Well, I do. In another draft of the comic, I had Crystal explain how she was unsure about a relationship. Marcus would have said that was her mom talking. It's very CW as Smith here put it. I wasn't sure how to end it from that front. So, I decided to mix it up and give us this comic. She will be talking to Marcus about those feelings the next comic, I'm sure. Plans are in place for that one.

Crystal's still unsure given her past and everything. She may be flirtatious on outside. But, she's still scared on the inside. Her real parents messed her up pretty bad. Someone'll have to put her back together again. And that someone is wearing a Red Sox cap, blue shirt and black pants.  I tried to make the cap like a Red Sox cap. I think I did okay.

Then there's Agent Smith. What can I say? Is he on the up and up? Yeah, he is. I didn't want to make him a baddie. No one wants to have that trope. We will be finding out more about him soon. I like to think of Smith as the "Agent Coulson" of the Starbolts universe. He'll be really excited to see the two once they get back. He's just all business in the field.

I'm not sure where Crystal got those glasses from. I wonder if the shuttle had a glove compartment. It could be possible. You never know. Anyway, we'll be learning more about Smith next week and possibly what the others have been up to. They're investigating the new head of the DMA and I don't think they're gonna like what they find. Especially Jack.

See you next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Starbolts #324: Live Free or Die


Before I get to this week's comic, I wanted to apologize for not having a video up. I ran into some technical issues. They should be resolved now and I should get a video up sooner or later. What happened was my scanner decided to have a mini meltdown. I have a wireless scanner that beams stuff to my computer. Last month, it didn't work right and the last time I used it was for the Captain America review I did. So, I had no idea what happened. We did manage to get it fixed and I was able to scan Tales of Suspense #39. I have it in a trade and it was for the Iron Man spotlight. The spotlight is still coming soon. Don't worry! Just gonna take some time.

Luckily, I had this and the following comic all scripted. Now, what do we have here? Crystal and Marcus seem to be getting a little cozy. The relationship is still on trial status. I'm thinking about where it could go.  Next comic, we're going to see more of their dynamic. We also will have whatever Mr. Johnson's planning. It isn't anything nefarious. Marcus knows about "Operation: Safeguard". But, he doesn't know the guy they'll be meeting soon. Very soon.

In the mean time, it looks like our heroes are going to be on the run for a while. You can bet the Starbolts will make sure it doesn't last long. But, what of Dennis? Oh, I have plans for him. Big plans! Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Starbolts #323: Dangerous Liaisons


This week has Marcus and Crystal go on the run! Where are they going to go? Well, they can't go to Aquarius on one engine as planned. It would take too long to travel the thirty some light-years to Aquarius.  So, Earth seems to be the best bet. Where could they go? Everyone on Earth'll be looking for them. And if the Manhunters are any indication, they'd be out for blood. Yeah, I decided to give the purple armored guys the name of "Manhunters". It's a sort of reference to Marvel's Mandroids who helped guard several prisons in the Marvel Universe.

At least she's not in trouble with the Agents. She's just in trouble with the now corrupt DMA. The 'Bolts will find out who is in charge soon! And after next week we will find out where our friends are going. Next week is gonna be a video! It will be another character spotlight. I'm not sure who just yet. But, rest assured it will be awesome. Then we'll be back with the 'Bolts for more exciting fun!

I do have a question, though. What do you all think of the Marcus/Crystal relationship? Been testing the waters here and I am curious as to what you think. I have two main ones and the third has kinda fallen to the wayside. I was just curious because next comic may see some changes happen. We shall see. In the mean time, enjoy the comic! See you next time!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Starbolts #322: Strike of the Cobra


Drama happening on two fronts this week! First we have a mysterious man visiting H.P. Gladstone, the former head of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Who is he? Readers will know. He showed up at the end of the last comic. Now that he is back and has inserted himself into the department, who know what he will do next. MWAHAHA! Whatever it is, the 'Bolts are not going to be happy with this turn of events.

They have their own issues to deal with now that we finally know what Umbra's been up to. He's been trying to dig up dirt on the team! That is not going to sit well with anyone. Least of all Crystal. Poor lady. She ruined a perfectly good punching bag! Well, they can be replaced and they have at least two other ones. What will Marcus do? Chances are he's gonna have a little talk with Crazy Steve. Just a little chat.

Meanwhile, I need to come up with names for the space station. I'll most likely think on it this week.  I'm also planning the next arc and the next video. The next video might be a spotlight on the X-Men since I haven't talked about them in a long time. We'll see. =D

In the mean time, enjoy the comic! More drama next week. Who wants to bet Crystal cut Umbra up good? And....what is Gladstone hiding?