Saturday, July 6, 2013

Starbolts #198: The Last Starbolt


Wow! What can I say about today's comic as we're two weeks away from Starbolts #200 and the finale of this really, really long story arc. Believe it or not, this arc started way back around #150. So, this has been a very long storyline. It looks like Tanis is back to his normal self. Even if he looks like a human bug right here. The question of the hour is. Are the Starbolts really dead? Well, you don't see bodies on the ruined bridge. That could mean anything! They could have been disintegrated or in another part of the ship, dead.  The bridge is only a small part of the ship!

Speaking of the ship, I made the crash site a little like the Enterprise-D crash in Star Trek Generations. I always thought that was neat for a crash scene. Sucks about the ship, of course. She was a fine ship.

Anyway, it looks like Tanis is back to normal and the Legion wants another round. Starbolts #200 is coming fast! Are you ready for the final showdown?

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